About NUBF

The project 'Nordic Youth in Sustainable Communities' aims to create sustainable communities and stronger links between young people across the Nordic region. With funding from the pool, young people can create activities with a focus on strengthening the bonds between youngsters across the Nordic countries. Through the annual Youth training, youth groups and associations can get help and inspiration for activities, practical assistance with pool application and meet potential activity partners from all over the Nordics!

All youngsters, either part of a self-organised youth group, from a youth association, or as individuals can join the project. To apply for funding from the pool, the activities must involve youth groups or associations from at least two Nordic countries. The requirement exists to create new communities and strengthen the bonds across the Nordics.

The Danish Youth Council (DUF) leads the project in collaboration with the Danish Ministry of Children and Education and DUF's sister organizations in Norway, Finland, Sweden, Iceland and the Faroe Islands. The project is funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers and is part of a larger program, started by the Danish Presidency of the Council in 2020. The project will be running in the period 2020-2022.

The Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is responsible for making decisions regarding the project and especially with consideration to the Youth training and the pool, where they, in collaboration with the Danish Ministry of Children and Education, decide on guidelines as well as nominate candidates for the Grants Committee.

The Steering Committee consists of Politically elected representatives, one from each country, and employees of each of the National Councils' Secretariats. You can find the names and links to each of the National Youth Councils below.

Politically elected members

Lucas Skræddergaard, DUF

Iman Djelloul, LSU

Håvard Skogerbø, LNU

Sinituuli Suominen, Allianssi

Una Hildardóttir, LUF

Brandar Heðinsson, FUR


Secretariat employee members

Jonas Roelsgaard, DUF

Nelly Eckegren, DUF

Emelie Nilsson, LSU

Ane Maus Sandvig, LNU

Janika Takatalo, Allianssi

Sigurður Helgi Birgisson, LUF

Hjørdis Gaard, FUR

The Danish presidency program of the Nordic Council of Ministers 2020

NUBF is financed by the Nordic Council of Ministers and is part of a larger program, consisting of three main tracks spanned over three years. The overall program aims at engaging Nordic youth to motivate their democratic citizenship, cultural commitment and mental well-being.

Besides NUBF, the program also includes:

  • A joint Nordic qualification of public educational material focused on strengthening students’ democratic commitment in primary and secondary education – including a pilot project on training the professionals’ competencies and implementation of the material. The project is led by the Danish National Agency for Education and Quality.
  • A joint Nordic study of literature and research-based knowledge on the causes of mental distress among young people across the Nordic region – including a description of cross-sectoral collaboration between social and health sectors across the Nordic region. The project is led by the Danish National Board on Social Services.